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Congratulations on your engagement!

When to have the party: The “traditional” timeline between engagement and engagement party is three months, but honestly, feel free to do your own thing. Plan a party when you’re ready and when you have the money to do so.

To theme or not to theme? The old school days of stuffy parties are well and truly over. These days engagement parties can be anything you want it to be. Crazy theme night? No problem! Huge, extravagant event? Go for it! Casual dinner with close friends and family? Why not!If you’re not into the whole theme thing, then keep it simple! Ideas such as a black and white theme or a vintage/rustic style. Find something which suits you and your Fiances personality and those of your family and friends.

Who To Invite: With the high cost of receptions, modern couples are now opting to have larger engagement parties, which include guests who perhaps will not be invited to the actual wedding day. If you’re on a budget, use your engagement party as a way of including acquaintances, work colleagues, old friends and other people you believe will want to celebrate this joyous time in your life!

Where to hold your event: This is completely up to you and the style of your engagement party. You could hold it at a pub or bar in a function room. 

Food and booze: Again, depending on location, the options are endless! Venues (pubs and bars) will generally have their own food available, but most of time they will allow clients to bring along their own cake.

Entertainment: Personally, I would love a Photographer or Photobooth at an engagement party. Having everyone I love in one place is a rare thing, so capturing these memories would be absolutely magical. In terms of music, you could always create a kick arse playlist on your ipod, or you could leave it to the professionals and hire a DJ.

So, ultimately your Sydney engagement party should reflect you and your partner. You will remember this day, along with your wedding day for the rest of your life. So make it part of who you are, and most of all enjoy it!



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