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Corporate function venues Sydney

Corporate functions and events, as fun as they are to attend, can sometimes be a hassle for the person who’s been given the task of planning!

Corporate events are held for a number of reasons. Your company might need a morale boost, some education to get the team on the same page or a celebration for your business. Regardless of the reasons, there are steps for planning a corporate event, which will ensure your event goes off without a hitch, and you maintain your sanity!

Corporate Functions Sydney

Planning your company’s event involves little more than following a series of steps common among professional corporate event planners. Follow these steps closely and no one will know that your company’s event wasn’t planned by the pros.

  1. Come up with a theme. Regardless of what the event is for — training, morale, team building — there needs to be a theme holding the event together. Deciding on what your event’s theme is will guide all other aspects of planning.
  2. Set a rough budget. You won’t need to line item every single point on the budget. You should, however, have a vague idea of how much will be spent all told. In addition, you should have vague estimates of how much different aspects of the budget will cost.
  3. Look at Sydney function venues and any other required vendors (Photographer, entertainment etc.) You need a space for your event at the very least.
  4. Finalise the menu with your function venue. Make sure to have options for every dietary requirement that may be in attendance (gluten/dairy intolerant, vegan etc).
  5. Get decorations that are appropriate for the theme. Do this after you have decided on a final venue, as the décor will have to go with the venue.
  6. Send out invitations. You can do this through snail mail or  email, but both together is the best method. You can also use email alerts to ensure that people RSVP in time.
  7. Create an extensive to-do list. Create a master list of everything that needs to be done before the event happens. Include the deadline for when these tasks must be completed. Make notes of who, if anyone, tasks have been delegated to. Follow up on tasks and make sure that everyone is taking responsibility for his assigned duties. One week before and one day before go through the list and double check to make sure that everything has been done.

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